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Welcome to my personal website

Hi, my name is Giovanni, and I’m a computer geek. I currently live in Stockholm, where I was hired as researcher/developer while following a Ph.D. I’ve got a sweed girlfriend named Silvia, I like cooking, sipping tea and, occasionally, drawing.

I’m an enthusiast user of free operating systems like GNU/Linux, and I work on them since when I was at high-school, around year 2000. My adventure started with Slackware.

I think programming as something in between art and discipline, and most important a very good way of exert one’s creativity. As such, I appreciate software with does not hamper you (both with licensing and clumsy user interfaces). Still I appreciate the fact I can use my skills for earning my daily bread.

Like programming languages, my preferred ones are Python and C, but I can basically put my hands in anything. I’m especially fond the beauty of functional languages (and indeed this is my way of doing things).

My resume

Download here my modern-cv :-)