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Up-to-date dockeer in Fedora 29

Tags: [ docker ] [ GNU/Linux ] [ rpm ]

A colleague of mine started to use multi-stage builds in Docker. This is a nice feature, as it helps in reducing the final image size.

I realized I can't use this feature on Fedora 29, as the docker package is really old (version 1.13). I was somewhat surprised, given that Fedora always ships the latest version of everything.

A little investigation was due, so I reached out #fedora-devel on Freenode, and now I'm reporting here what I learned.

The docker package is obsolete. The moby-engine package should be used instead.

Apparently the docker package has not been marked as obsolete, so I did not even realize what was going on.

Well, it looks like, the package has been fixed in rawhide, so it is just a matter of time and upgrades. Still I thought to write a note on my blog, just in case it helps someone. ☺

Thanks to the #fedora-devel people for the useful information.