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Crossbow 1.2.1, fixes for BSD, and testing

Tags: [ C & C++ ] [ Crossbow ] [ Personal Projects ]

I've been notified that the recent Crossbow 1.2.0 release breaks under OpenBSD and FreeBSD, so I've fixed it and released version 1.2.1.

Apart from the bug itself, the major issue here was a lack of proper regression testing under BSD systems. I decided therefore to spend a little time in setting up the simplest testing facility in the universe, based on locally running virtual machines and POSIX shell scripting.

While this will prevent further regressions, I'm considering to migrate Crossbow on SourceHut, where the offered integration testing covers many platforms, and - bonus! - there's no need for JavaScript.

As for many other improvements I've got in mind, I will need to find some spare time for it.