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About me

My name is Giovanni, I'm Italian, but since 2013 I live and work in Stockholm. I've got a beautiful fiancée wife named Silvia, and I'm interested in Programming, Computer Science and IT in general.

I started to put my hands into computers since when I was 7. Back then it was all about playing games on the old MS-DOS 386, but I already decided that I wanted to be a computer programmer. In 2002 I put my hands for the first time on a set of GNU/Linux CDs, and since then I discover new things every day…

I own a Master Degree and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. I've got a background of embedded-system programmer, although my Master Thesis was in Distributed Systems. I'm fond of C, Python, Perl and functional programming languages. My operating system of choice is GNU/Linux, because I like Unix and Freedom. I'm the classic command-line guy.

You are not going to find me on mainstream social networks, but I've got some projects on Github (and old one on SourceForge too).

About this site

This website is powered by PFT, my home brewed static web generator. It's 100% plain HTML & CSS. Javascripts and Cookie free, no embedded trackers, no third party stuff, maximum respect of your privacy.


The most efficient way to contact me is to drop email to my address: dacav AT

If you feel stressed by surveillance consider using OpenPGP: you can retrieve my Public Key here, or from the keyservers. My fingerprint is 93FC 2A6A 43A4 AAC2 0D8E 5411 2F99 ABB6 BA14 DF9E If you don't know how it works, I suggest you to read this guide, which IMHO is worthier than many manuals.

(With all seriousness, however, you should not trust this HTTP-served fingerprint).