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Pages tagged as Ideas contain — among other things — random ideas, epiphanies and lessions learned. They are not necessarily super-clever or innovative, just realizations which happened to pop in my mind while working or hacking.

2015-1-13 While working also thinking
2015-2-4 Pills
2015-2-12 Git remotes push URL
2015-4-10 Python resources
2015-6-4 Passwords and Command Line
2015-7-9 Comparators and Equality, +1
2015-7-28 Lazy Perl
2015-7-31 Temporary
2015-10-7 Debugging Frustration Fix
2016-2-13 Acquired Wisdom
2016-3-8 Philosophical realization of today
2016-5-9 Python and CSV, quest for UTF-8
2016-6-16 Docker on logs
2019-11-9 Mutt, calendars and such