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Get it from iPhone

Tags: [ GNU/Linux ]

My tech gear for work was a selection of Apple hardware.

I'm not really an Apple person, and after trying to use it for some days, I decided that OS X is not going to be an option.

Installing GNU/Linux is not an option either. Non-standard UEFI boot-loaders, a complete lack of Ethernet (what were they thinking?) and a BroadCom wireless card make it extremely awkward. I'm not saying impossible, but I needed to work, not to play.

Soon I asked for a machine replacement, and I got a Dell. GNU/Linux was running on it after 1 hour (just the time for installation), and everything works out of the box.

I don't care so much for the phone. I used to have and Android phone with my previous job, but Apple gets as good after you wrap your head around their way of hiding the useful stuff. It's weird, however, how they don't support a simple file transfer via Bluetooth!

Now, how to access the iPhone storage from Linux? A quick search later I got on this site.

While dnf search-ing for gphoto2, I stumbled into gphotofs, which uses FUSE mount the digital cameras. With Android I used to do it with simple-mtpfs (using MTP).