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Unicode weekend

Tags: [ PFT ]

I'm home, today is vacation, I've cleaned my apartment. My wife will be back only tomorrow… Time to learn some Unicode.

Actually I started to put my hands into it for curiosity, but never in a deep way. The trigger was the in-progress refactoring of my blogging platform.

I've been watching this YouTube video, which is very informative. The Perl community is probably the right place where to get some Unicode knowledge, plus PFT is written in Perl. But there's a humongous amount of related information out there, and a good starting point is this.

The refactoring is by the way something I'm carrying on since a while now, as this is something I do in the spare time, just for fun.

It was initially motivated by the fact that PFT is not really easy to install as I thought. The package I put on CPAN carries a number of transitive dependencies, mostly due to the use of Moose. Some of those are apparently broken, but even when they work, it's a BIG amount of time spent in installing.

Since in the end I can really not use Moose and be happy, I decided to go for a reshuffle. And I came out with a fresh abstraction library, which is currently on GitHub. Then there is App::PFT which is the application using the library. Modularity is good for you.

So, why not fixing the Unicode support, while I'm working on it? And this is how everything started. Now my site can be compiled in different encodings, and it works so damn well. But I'm really far from knowing the stuff.

…But apparently not far from getting the work done with the Blog. Although I will need to work on it before being able to publish this page…