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About PFT

PFT is one of my personal projects. It is a static website generator, in fact the one I maintain this website with.

With a static website generator your content is compiled into a static website and the result can be served by a simple HTTP server, with no need for server-side dynamism.


PFT is composed by a toolkit of scripts for the command line (App-PFT) and by a library that abstracts away the file formats and file-system layout (PFT).

Both components are published on CPAN, and available under my CPAN profile.

Both are also published as Fedora packages and therefore available for installation:

# dnf install pft


PFT is definitely not a novelty product. Actually it turns out to be quite common for computer geeks to write their own website engine, so you can find dozens of similar software.

I wrote PFT with a couple of goals:

Pages and blog entries about PFT:

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