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Work in progress

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Being dad is extremely demanding, in energy and time. It is also incredibly rewarding to fork and raise a child process. And despite the lack of free time, I somehow managed to optimize what is left of it, and to carry on something, even!

Fixes and improvements of PFT

I've fixed a little bug that affected the RSS feed generation of PFT, and of my website by consequence. Thanks to Anton who noticed it in the first place. The fix was trivial, but the hell with strftime implementation and its pitfalls!

Since I was there, I took the chance to improve the poorly implemented feed generation procedure, and unify it with the regular compilation of the static website. There was no real point in having two different commands.

I plan to release version 1.4.2 with the fixes in a near future.

As a follow-up, let's say version 1.5.0, I plan to enrich PFT with two additional compilation modes, so that content can be served via Gopher and Gemini.

A project page for Crossbow

Crossbow is a personal project I've been working on in the last couple of years. I didn't mention it too much on this website, so far. It is time to do so.

I opened up a new tag page for it :)

I've got some future plan for Crossbow too, but first I'd like to tinker on yet another project that I've sketched… something about privacy over this stupid Internet.

Codeword: Uncluttered

Me and my wife are throwing out and/or selling a considerable amount of pointless cruft. And the same I'm trying to do the same on my …uh… computerdom.

Among other things, I've dropped some useless content on this website, and I'm planning to get rid of old projects stubs (on my laptop, on Github, on Gitlab…).

Uh, and I've finally managed to sort out that horrible mess of redundant photos and videos, obtained after a due back-up of my smartphone. I wrote a stupid program named Cathy to do this automatically it for me. Cathy is not meant for public distribution, but I put it on github nonetheless. It really needs some documentation. I'm not sure if I'll invest time on in though :)