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Plans, plans, plans

Tags: [ PFT ]

There are many things that I would like to get accomplished, in terms of knowledge, contribution to the world, etc etc. This is something I want to do in my spare time, surpassed in precedence by the two important pillars of one's life: Work and Family. Kind of a long term plan, if you wish.

So, for starters, I would like to focus more on the development and system administration in GNU/Linux environments.

For instance, I've started to learn how to build a RPM package (which is also useful for work). A good way of learning this is packaging PFT, I'm sure. Then another interesting idea is writing my own RPM, so that I can install it on a fresh GNU/Linux system and have all my usual stuff loaded (together with configurations etc etc). ☺

I would like to learn how Systemd works, even if I don't really like what I saw so far (too much complexity is never good, especially if documentation is crap). But I guess I should evolve, since apparently everyone is using that thing nowadays (well, except for Gentoo).

There are also some projects waiting for me in my jotter, but apparently I'm taking too much stuff in too short time.