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PFT 1.4.1 is released!

Tags: [ perl ] [ PFT ]

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new release of PFT!

This new version comes with:

PFT 1.4.1 is currently available in CPAN and on Fedora Rawhide.


Bash completion is not automatically installed by the CPAN distribution of PFT. The reason for it is that I don't know MakeMaker well enough to figure how to do this properly, and I don't want to go for home made hacks. I should lurk more, but my spare time is short, and I prefer to use it for something else.

In order to enable bash completion for PFT, copy this file in one of the honored filesystem positions

The RSS Feed feature was suggested by Anton, and later on also by Doshirae. Upon the second request for it, I just thought «why not?», and I took the chance to also flush a bunch of fixes I had in the pipe. Thank you both :)