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I'm learning some FreeBSD.

The story goes that I've got a couple of these raspberries, and one of them used to be accessible via the Open Internet. Unfortunately the setup wasn't very solid, and I realized it when I unplugged accidentally the power cord.

Its restoration gave me the chance of reviewing the Ansible configuration I've wrote for the setup. I pruned many things, and eventually I figured it would be faster to just write it from scratch.

I downloaded Raspbian again, installed with the usual dd(1) dance, and started over with an empty Playbook. I was half way through it, when I decided that I don't want an over-powered pi user. I added a regular user, dropped sudo, and have a separate password for root. I'm the only sysadmin of this machine, after all! Obviously I disabled direct SSH login as root.

While trying to remove the pi user, Systemd decided that I cannot remove the user (because of some process running some DBus crap), and I decided that Systemd cannot decide for me. Enough with this shit, let me try something fresh, less user friendly, less "I know what you need".

New opportunities to learn stuff, more notes on my website.

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