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Raspberry/FreeBSD server to expose

Tags: [ bsd ] [ Hacking ] [ raspberry ]


As I learn from the Handbook, there are many alternatives (pf, ipfw and ipfilter). After a good round of investigation I decided to invest my time on OpenBSD's pf(4), for two reasons:

Ideas for filesystems

As mentioned last time, the raspberry uses a micro-SD card that I don't want to wear off. After some thinking, and given the fact that I own got quite a number of (expendable) USB flash disks my /etc/fstab looks like this:

root@simple:~ # more /etc/fstab | column -t
/dev/ufs/rootfs         /            ufs         ro                     1        1
/dev/msdosfs/MSDOSBOOT  /boot/msdos  msdosfs     rw,noatime             0        0
tmpfs                   /tmp         tmpfs       rw,mode=1777,size=50m  0        0
/etc/pkg                /var/db/pkg  nullfs      rw                     0        0
/dev/ufs/rwdisk         /mnt/        ufs         rw                     0        0
/mnt/home               /home        unionfs     rw                     0        0
/mnt/etc                /etc         unionfs     rw                     0        0


…this setup has still some rough edge. For example, the /etc/pf.conf file (filrewall configuration) seems not to be loaded properly at boot. It is most probably a matter of service startup order.