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According to Wikipedia,

A hacker is one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming and circumventing limitations of programming systems and who tries to extend their capabilities.

Pages tagged as Hacking contain knowledge resulting from software exploration, lunch breaks and hacking sessions. Here I'm also putting some war stories.

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2015-12-27 I'd better sleep
2015-12-29 Thinkpad Do It Yourself
2016-4-30 PFT 1.0.1
2016-6-19 Packager weekend
2016-7-8 Raspberry Setup
2017-3-9 String move, insights
2017-3-14 she-bang max length
2017-3-16 Handy help-me pattern
2017-3-28 Wonders of xargs
2017-8-14 Signalfd, signals can be done right
2018-1-26 Back to Dynamic Libraries
2018-3-1 Centos7, kickstarter, virst-install
2018-6-24 Hack of a Weekend
2018-8-28 Modern manpages
2018-8-29 Manpages in GNU Autotools
2018-10-27 Learned from FreeBSD
2018-12-15 A slow, fake interface
2019-11-9 Mutt, calendars and such
2020-3-24 Random notes on a hacky evening
2020-3-30 Raspberry/FreeBSD server to expose
2020-4-5 Firewall and Lighttpd
2021-3-17 Time for a router upgrade